Get New Patients

and keep your current ones

How the Viva program works

The Viva Marketing System

Viva brings referral patients.
The best quality patients at the lowest cost of patient acquisition.

80% of your office revenue is in your patient files.
Viva helps you extract it.

The Viva System targeted to past patients
will bring back familiar smiles.

Annual hygiene appointments not 2X your active patient files?
Viva solves the problem of patient leakage.

Innovative packaging. A true gift.

The VivaPak is a patented presentation box that holds two cards. It is the perfect tool for internal card distribution and elevates the value of your card, increasing their response rate. find out more

Targeted Mailings

ZIP code mailings are designated by postal code for targeted areas in your community. Designed as postcards and gift card presentations, these mailers have a higher response rate than traditional direct mail.

Patient Database

Mailings done to your database reactivate former patients while also giving them a second card for them to pass on to their friends and family. Mailers are available for every occasion, virtually guaranteeing that they will be opened.

Online tracking of results.

The magnetic strip on the cards provide real-time tracking of results on the web-based Viva Dashboard. find out more


Statistics showing how many cards are distributed, how many are activated and how many people come in and redeem them.


Load every card with information as to who is distributing it, allowing for analytics as to their distribution.

Phone Contacts

Collect the phone numbers of every person who activates their Viva card, allowing you to set up their appointment.

Here's How it Works...

The Viva Referral Program is a simple system centered on a clear plastic card. Through distribution, both internal and external, these cards bring patients into your office. Watch this short video to see how it works.

VIVA News Reel
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VIVA Divisions
  • Automotive
  • Beauty
  • Restaurants
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